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10 Frames of Vintage Sailboats with a Zeiss Super Ikonta 533/16 – by LA Sousa

An annual Herreshoff vintage yacht regatta is held in Bristol for owners of classic Herreshoff wooden boats.  Most were built in our town in the glory days of the storied Herreshoff Mfg. Company. Captain Nat Herreshoff was and is a legendary yacht designer and was light years ahead of his time. The Friday night feeder race from Newport, Rhode Island was followed by a display of boats on the museum waterfront.

A 4×5 Portrait with a Toyo 45A, Schneider 210mm f/5.6 & Fuji Acros – By Louis A. Sousa

This is a story of, yes, a spur of the moment 4×5 portrait session from my habitual morning visit to Angelina’s Cafe. I have a daily delicious scone baked with care by Chelsea. I have ridden the evolution of Chelsea’s scones from the first batch resembling blueberry pancakes through today’s flaky and succulent ones. The daily fix is washed down with a hand-poured coffee made by her husband Goodwin. Goodwin puts every ounce of his being into making a perfect cup of coffee. For me, this is good. Coffee is my drug of choice.

5 Frames With the Konica Hexar AF – By Louis A. Sousa

I developed the film using the semi-stand process with Rodinal. After a trying work day, it is medicinal to drop film into this brew, spin it a few times at inception then a few more spins at 30 minutes, wash with water with customary fix and finish with photoflo. My bottle of Rodinal is quite long in the tooth (going on a year) and it still performs despite not being stored in a protected way. The process imparts nice grain and good sharpness.

Ricoh GR III – Early Impressions – By Louis A. Sousa

With the ordering back-log from B&H Photo cleared, I purchased this camera based on the GR-love expressed by Kevin Rosinbum, a/k/a Flickr’s Chickentender, a/k/a Eyewanders Photo. Kevin is a marvelous and inspirational photographer. These are my initial impressions from the first weeks with the new Ricoh GR III.  The sample The images were treated with minor adjustments in Lightroom.

5 Frames with Konica Hexar AF – by Louis Sousa

This is my second dabble with this camera. The first was an auction site purchase advertised as “top mint” from Japan. I received the camera and it was in never touched condition. While it looked like the pretty girl at the dance, it had no such mojo. The film would not load. So after a return, this beauty entered my hands, a “refurbished model” working perfectly.

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