The entrance of an abandoned factory in Torino, Italy.

Nost•Algia and Film Simulations in Digital Photography

This is not intended to be a technical text, or even a tutorial. The web is full of writings on the technique of analogue film simulation, or guides on how to apply it to your own images using various software. Instead, this is intended as a theoretical reflection: what is the significance of using analogue film simulations in the world of digital photography? Surely such a reflection already exists somewhere, and it will probably be even more informed and in-depth than this one (an interesting reflection on this, and partly in the vein of the one I want to propose here, can be found in this article published on 35mmc).

In any case, I feel the need to write about it, to get my point of view out of my head; to make it clear to myself first. So let us begin.