Author name: Michael Elliott

I'm a thirty-something, passionate photographer. I've always had a love of capturing images, and recently I have gone back to film photography. I started my website this year to share a selection of the best work that I have made so that it doesn't just languish on my hard drive, in prints in albums in dark cupboards or as negatives in sleeves in folders somewhere! It all began - like I suspect many people's new-found hobbies - as Coronavirus hit in 2020. Having just come back from Japan and straight into lockdown, I started digging through my wife's old film cameras and dug out a Lomo LC-A, a Smena 8-M, a Kiev 4, a Fed 4 and a Lubitel medium format TLR. Needless to say, after running a few test rolls through I found some were more reliable than others, and then the medium format photography bug got me.

Kiev 60 with Zeiss Jena Flektogon 50mm f/4.0 lens

5 Frames on Greenwich Beach with a Kiev 60, 50mm Flektogon and 30mm Macro tube, on Ektachrome 100 – By Michael Elliott

I recently took a wander along the riverside beach at low tide from Enderby’s Wharf to Morden Wharf, surveying the textures, colours and variety of items that are either washed up (for instance, wood, moss, brick), or more permanent, discarded items (such as cabling, metal, netting, tyres). I have wanted to do a series of macro photographs along the riverside for ages, because there are always so many wonderful things to capture, and one day the weather and tide made it perfect to go out there and do it.

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