Maxime Evangelista

I really picked up my passion for photography during my high school years. Before that, my grandfather had always been a photography enthusiast and it is through his enthusiasm that I developed my own passion. As a matter of fact, he was the one to give me my first Digital reflex camera. With this first step into the world of photography, I began to experiment, to try out the different mode, to understand how a camera works and what I can create with one. As my experimentation continued, I upgraded my digital gear and continued to learn with what I had. The real trigger came in 2017. Once again, my grandfather gave me his old analog cameras, a Focasport 1D and a Voigtlander Bessa 1. Curious about all aspects of photography I decided to find film. After just one roll, film ignited a spark which grew to become a brazier today. Seduced by the analog characteristics, philosophy, and the endless possibilities each roll gives I have specialized in film-photography in the last years. As you surely have understood I do not have a photography education or background. My passion is what drives me forward and what pushes me to continue my photographic adventure.

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