Orkhan Abbasov

Born in 1990, his life path started to shape as early as in 2000 following enrolment on Academic Drawing and Painting classes. After the purchase of his first camera in 2007 and acquaintance with Iwan Baan in 2010 his further interest in Arts developed into a lifetime passion - Photography. During the last year of his M.A. in Architecture at University of Lisbon (Portugal), he simultaneously took a year long course in Analogue Photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts . From 2015, Orkhan works as a photographer. In 2017 recognises the inseparability of Still Photography from Motion Photography and is introduced to the world of cinema. After working for 2 years, as a DIT, on innumerous commercials in 2019 he got a chance to work on a set of an American feature film "Color Out of Space", starring Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson. From 2020 Orkhan started to work his way up as a Director of Photography.

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