Author name: Conor O'Brien

5 Frames around Dublin with a Nikon F80 and Kodak Ektar 100

I bought my Nikon F80 from a seller in Spain nearly two years ago. I had wanted to buy an F100, but didn’t want to pay the prices being asked for. While the F100 is undoubtedly an excellent camera, I felt that the F80 was as good (for my needs) as the F100 at a significantly lower price. The camera arrived boxed with its instruction booklet (in Spanish) in close to mint condition. The only fault I found with it was that the pop-up flash didn’t work. This didn’t bother me in the slightest, as I would only ever use flash if Elvis landed in a spaceship and I had no other means of lighting the scene.

5 Frames on Santa Rae 1000 with a Pentax K1000 – By Conor O’Brien

Being primarily a Nikon and Minolta (film) user, I surprised myself by becoming the owner of a Pentax K1000 recently. I had been in the process of buying a Minolta X300 locally and when I went to collect the camera, the seller asked me if I’d be interested in the contents of a curious looking case he had strategically placed beside the Minolta. As an a addicted film camera collector, I had to look inside the box… after all, you never know !

Zeiss Ikon Ikonta – Lost and Found, a 70 Year History – By Conor O’Brien

My Dad was always a keen photographer. When he bought his Zeiss Ikon Ikonta in the early 1950s, it would have been a substantial outlay for him as a civil servant. While he didn’t opt for the Super Ikonta, he paid for a few optional extras; a leather case, the 75mm 3.5 Tessar lens and …

Zeiss Ikon Ikonta – Lost and Found, a 70 Year History – By Conor O’Brien Read More

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