Mamiya C330F, and How I Turned it into a Swan – By Rene Villaroman

Late last year I was confined to my apartment for a week and that opened an opportunity for me to write about a 6 x 6 format camera that I have been meaning to buy for years. That medium format camera is the redoubtable Mamiya C330f Twin Lens Reflex. I own two Rolleiflex TLRs, a 3.5 E and T with a prism finder; I should be happy with these two MF TLRs. But I was intrigued by the possibility of added versatility that the Mamiya could bring to the table, so I pulled the trigger on one being auctioned on eBay. The seller stated that he was not sure if the camera was working or not, and that he did not know much about it to say that it worked. But the kicker was the “Buy it now” price: $25 plus shipping.

Leica m3 Ilford hp5

5 Frames with Leica M3 and 50mm Summicron – By Rene Villaroman

Recently I surmounted all my mostly aesthetic biases against the Leica M3 and purchased one again after selling my first in the early 90s. My first M3 was an early example double-stroke with the film pressure plate made of glass. It had a 50mm Summitar f2 in decent condition. During the time that I owned it, it mostly stayed in the cabinet drawer most of the time. Looking back, I wonder now why I let her go. Drum roll… Foremost is economics. And secondary is aesthetics.

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