Author name: Michael Rennie

Nikonos V, 35mm f/2.5 & Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 – In the Surf- By Michael Rennie

Nikonos V and surfing? You’re probably thinking I live in California, Australia or Hawaii but where I surf you’re more likely to catch frostbite than a shark bite; this is cold water surfing on Scotland’s east coast. Winter is the only time there is waves, so it’s the only time I surf. It’s not unusual for the air temperature to be below 0°; 5mm wetsuit, boots, gloves and hood are most certainly required. Surfing is hard and I’m not very good, so once I get tired of falling off I tend to float around and take pictures. It might just ‘the stoke’ of being in the water but I’d say the dawn light at my local beach is extra special, it makes the beating I take from the waves totally worthwhile.

35mm Compact Photographer #20 – Michael Rennie

I’m Michael Rennie, I live in Wormit, Fife, Scotland, I’m father to two awesome kids; Lana and Luke and married to my best friend Kate. I’m a mechatronics engineer by day but at heart I’m skateboarder and cyclist; in fact I enjoy all sorts of outdoor pursuits, sailing, hill walking, surfing and snowboarding whenever I get the chance – and I’ve been taking photos since I was a young teenager…

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