Pop a wheelie down Main St

‘New in Town’ – The Making of a Photo Book and Finding Inspiration Right Where I live – By Robert Guanci

This submission is in a lot of ways a follow-up to my first 5 Frames post with Emulsive.  At the time of writing that 5 Frames post, “Ilford Hp5 Plus (35mm format / El 800 / Canon FtbQL + Canon FD 50mm f/1.8),” my world was in flux, my fiancé and I had just moved into a new apartment during the heat of the pandemic and were forced to make the impossible decision to postpone our wedding day, twice! (P.S. for those wondering, we finally had our dream wedding on May 16, 2021!).  Since writing that 5 Frames, my photography world exploded and truly became a key aspect of my life.