Stefan Aune

My name is Stefan Aune from Gothenburg, Sweden. I work as a Graphic Designer and Photographer. For me Photography is a very strong medium to create feelings and curiosity. I’m fascinated how photography can still stay so strong in a time when it is so easy to create and publish moving pictures. The thing I like most with analog Photography is the process of taking a photo, store it in my mind and then watch it come to life in a chemical process. I try to create scenes from places who made an impression on me. It’s very rare that I have a camera with me the first time, so if the place is interesting enough, I’ll come back with one. Hopefully the beholder will make up their own story. To achieve a suggestive feeling of movement in a still picture, I often use long exposures in low light. I’m not much of a morning person, so of natural causes I mostly shoot in the blue hour or at night.

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