Author name: Sagar Kharecha

Sagar Kharecha is a British Asian photographer, focused on hyperlocal documentary storytelling with a fascination for community, spirituality, socio-political movements and his hometown of Milton Keynes. Shooting primarily on 35mm film, Sagar also works as a member of New Exit Group collective who have recently released their zine: BARDO.

Farmers placing a sheep into their landrover

The Young Farmers of Milton Keynes – By Sagar Kharecha

From early 2020 onwards I have, alongside Tim, Arthur and Connor, been documenting young local farmers who, amongst other duties, maintain the sheep at Campbell Park in Milton Keynes.

During late February of 2021 the sheep were to be round up and vaccinated. Soon enough I kindly received a message from Tim stating that he was enroute. I didn’t have long to prepare and quickly made my way down. I try my best to engage with all communities. As per my practice of hyperlocal documentary photography, I want to show that it is possible to create meaningful work with minimal budget and equipment.

Devotees deconstructing the chariot as the procession concludes.

Glastonbury Rathyatra – The Only Chariot Festival of 2020 – By Sagar Kharecha

One late evening my father received a call from ‘Mahaprabhu Dasa’, a stalwart devotee. Mahaprabhu informed us that a ‘Rathyatra’ would soon take place in Glastonbury town centre on 11th October. The risk assessment had been approved, and arrangements were made. Having developed a love for spiritual and communal expression in documenting my local temple, a forgotten sense of joy soon returned to me.

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