Simon Cygielski

I'm a former photojournalist who can't break the photography habit. I've been working mostly in medium format, but have dabbled in anything from digitally manipulated video to 8x10 view cameras. I live in Chicago. My kids tell me I look angry all the time. Check out my Instagram for more pics.

Simon Cygielski's Posts

18 October, 2023

A Few Frames Going Horizont-al

By Simon Cygielski

My daughter recently brought my old KMZ Horizont panoramic camera out of storage, so I decided to give it a whirl. While it’s meant mainly for stately panoramas, I’v...

5 October, 2023

5 Frames with a Pentax MX and AristaEDU

By Simon Cygielski

I got a 35mm f/2 lens off Ebay for my long-dormant Pentax MX last week, and decided to take it out for a bit of a leg-stretch. The test was crucial not only because the lens was...