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Fujifilm GF670

Fujifilm GF670 Review – My Medium Format Rangefinder Of Choice – By Steve Kars

Fujifilm. The name alone sparks feelings of adoration for some and rage  from others.  What about you?  Does it make you think of Velvia?  The X-series digital cameras?  Maybe it makes you mourn the loss of your beloved Natura 1600 high speed color film, or 400H, or Velvia 100…, or, if you are like me, maybe you shed a tear at the mere mention of the deathblow they delivered to the pack film community:  fp-3000b anyone? Maybe the name Fujifilm makes you think of nothing at all. That is fine, too.  But the purpose of this article is to set our sights on a camera that has yet to be reviewed on this lovely site:  the Fujifilm GF670.

5 Frames in Barcelona with Leica M3 and Lomography Potsdam – By Steve Karsten

I went to Barcelona for the first time in September of 2019.  I was in awe of the beautiful, vibrant city as much as the beautiful, vibrant people that live there.  Walking Barcelona was quite enjoyable, and whenever I got tired there was always a nice little vermuteria nearby.  For those that are not in the know: good vermouth, a couple cubes of ice, carbonated water, an olive and an orange makes for the most beautiful day time drink you could ever wish for. (please follow appropriate age guidelines, cheers)

Leica M4 and Rollei Infrared 400

5 Frames with a Leica M4 and Rollei Infrared 400 – by Steve Karsten

I live in the great white north (aka Michigan) so the arrival of Spring means two things

       1.  We go to Florida, because Spring really arrives around the middle of May, not March 21.

       2.  When the sun finally rears its head long enough to make a difference the arrival of leaves on the deciduous trees, I load up some infrared film to soak up all the IR light from all the photosynthesis going on.

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