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Finding a style not a camera – By Taylor Ervin

Of course we are all here because we love cameras. But after over a year and a half of shooting film seriously, I’ve come to the conclusion that the camera doesn’t matter. Ok it does matter a little bit, but any basic SLR or rangefinder and a solid 50mm lens will be enough to get a great shot in 99 percent of situations.So, I’m instead going to talk about how focusing on developing my technique and style has helped me to take better photos and to get more joy out of photography. 

A Quartz Date Dilemma – By Taylor Ervin

Photographs freeze time. They capture the light reflected from objects that happen to occupy a particular space and time, and for me, those objects are often my friends. I know that the light reflected from those objects (my friends) is fleeting. Thus, I hope to preserve those fleeting moments in little drawings of light.

Minolta AF 35R Quartz Date

Minolta AF 35R QD Review – A Brief Encounter – by Taylor Ervin

Earlier this year I decided to start taking analog photography more seriously. I work in Television (for money), and independently, I produce documentaries and short films. I was looking to analog photography as a way to sharpen my eye for composition and to broaden my understanding of exposure. For years I’ve taken snaps with my father’s Canon AV-1 which he bought new in 1979, but I was never very rigorous in my approach to photography.

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