5 Frames in Crested Butte, Colorado With an Argus Model A and Ilford Delta 3200

I’ve been following this fine blog for many years now and look forward, (like most of you I’m sure), to reading each day’s article in my email. For some time, I’ve wanted to contribute but just wasn’t sure what to write about. Finally, I came up with an idea and I’m taking the plunge! Sooo… Here goes!

A very short biography. I’ve been in love with photography for over 50 years. I started with an old, hand-me-down Kodak Brownie and was off. My first REAL camera though, was a Canon TLb bought in late 1974 when I was 15, with summer earnings cutting neighborhood lawns. To this day, I can still see my dad’s mouth dropping open and his head shaking in complete disbelief when I announced I was spending $279, (a princely sum for middle income folks like us in 1975 and equal to ~$1500 today!), on a camera!

I never looked back.