Author name: Xiaosu Han

cinematographer and photographer

Fuji X-Pro, or: Why I stopped worrying about buying a digital Leica – by Xiaosu Han

Inspired by the recent article by Hamish regarding the Sony A7Rii, I wanted to share my way of working with my favorite digital camera, the Fuji X-Pro. A lot of people, myself included, seem to be struggling with getting that rangefinder experience in the digital world. Sure, there was the Epson RD-1, which I never had the chance to try, and there are digital Leicas, which I never had enough money at the side to be able to even think about seriously. Some people say just stay with film. I stayed with film, but in addition to that I somehow made the X-Pro work for me over the years, and it gives me that rangefinder feeling that I love so much with the benefits of the digital workflow.

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