Nikon FE and Lomo Earl grey 100

5 frames with the Lomo Earl Grey 100 and the Nikon FE

I picked up a 3 pack of Lomo Earl Grey on Black Friday of last year while my local film store was running a promotion for about 20$, making it at the time the cheapest film I could get my hands on as not much was actually left in stock in local stores.

I had just gotten back my Kodak Tri-X 400 negatives from the lab which I had pushed 2 stops (shot at 1600) delivering exceptional results so I thought I would do the same for this film. I loaded the first roll into my newly purchased Nikon FE and set the ISO to 400, perhaps pushing the first film you load in a new camera isn’t a very good idea because you are looking to isolate any potential problems with the light meter or perhaps see if that small dirt advertised by the seller as “does not affect pictures” is in fact as he claims, but the Nikon I received looked in immaculate condition so I put my trust in it.