Higashi Honganji

19 May, 2024

Kyoto, farewell

By Geoff Chaplin

I’ll get to the real reason I took my Sony A7Riii and 85mm lens later, a secondary reason was I had been shooting film for many months, maybe over 50 films, and wanted a ...

16 May, 2024

Park Life with a Ihagee Exa 1A

By Paul Quellin

At a brisk walk, the local park is about 4 minutes from the front door of the house. That helps with the need to escape. A job once enjoyable, has become so entangled in a growi...
Lisbon, Portugal

12 May, 2024

Visiting an old ‘friend’ – Lisbon

By Geoff Chaplin

A generation ago Lisbon seemed magical, the light on the crumbling buildings, the ubiquitous graffiti, the former glory of the architecture and private courtyards. As time went ...

11 May, 2024

Recreating Historic Images

By Art Meripol

Back in 2016 a group of tourism professionals, historians, marketing pros and the US National Park Service began to work towards creating a U.S. Civil Rights Trail with the goal...

8 May, 2024

Learning to Shoot Boxing Matches

By Andrea Monti

Taking pictures in a boxing gym during regular training is a unique way to learn to understand when ‘the moment’ – a hit, a miss, a bob or a weave – is c...