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Digital Camera Reviews – Digital cameras have been increasingly and more frequently reviewed on this website over the years. What differentiates the digital camera reviews you will find on 35mmc from those you find on many other websites, is that they are often written by people who have more of a penchant for film cameras.

As such, the reviews might be a little more about the experience of shooting the camera than the objective quality of the results. You might also find reviews of digital cameras that are quite old but continue to be used by their owners for a range of reasons beyond which one has the most megapickles, or is better in lower light.

As with all the content on this website, if you find something of interest, you can find more similar products by clicking on the tags you will find at the bottom of the reviews.

Sigma DP1 Merrill – Finding perspective in the Mojave Desert – By Brian Cox

This camera will teach you the meaning of tough love. It has a very low tolerance for shooting outside of its comfort zone and is quick to remind you of its limitations. Many of the online reviews will quickly point out its flaws and they aren’t necessarily wrong. Let’s start with those flaws and my “real world” experience.

Battery life? Yes, as the reviews will tell you it’s terrible. I usually have at least four batteries on me when I take this camera out. On the bright side the battery is shared with the Ricoh GR digital which I already owned and had plenty of spares.

The screen? Yes, that’s bad as well. It’s only useful for composing and that’s also a real challenge in bright daylight. No Chimping here folks. What you see on the screen is not an accurate representation of what you actually captured.

The Sigma dp2 Quattro

Sigma dp2 Quattro – Out of Left Field – An Opinionated Review – By Tim Bradshaw

Or, twenty rolls of Ektachrome and the lies we tell ourselves. Or, how to be wrong. Preliminaries Why this mad thing? I’m a photographer who uses film and makes prints in a darkroom: I like to make things which live on bits of paper, not screens. And of course I also like slightly impractical tools, …

Sigma dp2 Quattro – Out of Left Field – An Opinionated Review – By Tim Bradshaw Read More

Sony ZV-1 Review – A High Quality Digital Point & Shoot?

Me and my family recently spent a week driving around North Wales in my wife’s van. Me being me, I wanted to take a lot of photos. I also took a lot of cameras. 3 more than I actually used – which is unusual for me. The ones I did use were a Hasselblad SWC and a Pentax 110 auto film cameras, and the subject of this article, a Sony ZV-1 compact digital.

The Sony ZV-1 is punted by the brand as a “vloggers camera” – as such, it is supposedly designed more for video blogging, or in simple terms selfie-video. In fact, shooting video is what I bought it for, though not for me, but for work, and not for pointing at myself. As a creative agency producing a lot of video content our team has greatly expanded in the last year. We’ve bought some new kit too. A couple of new lenses, a drone and this ZV-1 have increased our capabilities. The Sony ZV-1 was specifically bought to capture little off the cuff mini-interviews at events. It’s small size makes for a camera that isn’t as threatening to people we point it at, meaning we can get little snippets and sound bites out of more nervous people as well as capturing people who have less time etc. We also bought it because unlike our bigger cameras which top out at 100fps for 1/4 speed slow motion, the Sony ZV-1 does 1000fps for when we want to capture something much more fast moving etc.

Of course, before I could give it to the team, I felt I needed to try it first. In short, I decided to take it on holiday. Not for video, I should add – though I did take a few slow-mo clips that I’ll never likely do anything with – but for snaps.

Nikon Df – Thoughts From a Film Shooter – by David Hume

I remember the immense hype around the Nikon Df just before its release in 2013 – teaser campaigns; leaked specs, mystery mock-ups. Then came a tsunami of derision and disappointment when the Df hit the market. I was one of the disappointed ones; when I saw its bloated form in a camera-shop window I did not even bother to go inside for a closer look.

Digital Nostalgia – 5 Early Digital Cameras from between 2001 and 2005 – By Bob Janes

The world spins. Everything comes around. Eventually we start to get misty-eyed about stuff that seems to have only just left the room. Yes, I’m at that point. I’m about to get nostalgic about digital cameras.

There was a sort of proto age of digital cameras at the start of the millennium, just before DSLRs started to dominate. Back then, digital cameras were possibly at their most varied and most innovative.

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