Katie Melua on Shooting the “Album No.8” Cover with Film – Interview by Sroyon Mukherjee

Katie Melua’s latest album, Album No.8,  came out on October 16th. It’s the Georgian-British singer-songwriter’s eighth studio album (hence the name), and also her eighth consecutive UK top 10 album. I knew her music from hits like Nine Million Bicycles and The Closest Thing to Crazy (which came out when I was in high school), but Album No.8 is the first where she wrote all the lyrics, drawing on influences as diverse as Virginia Woolf and The Grateful Dead.

Bringing a New M-Mount Sonnar Lens to Market – An Interview with Chris Andreyo, Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics

A couple of weeks ago, you might have heard about the forthcoming launch of a new to market, British designed and built, m-mount 50mm f/2 Sonnar formula lens called the Skyllaney ‘Bertele’. If you read this website frequently, you might know that I am a bit of a Sonnar fanatic, so you can imagine my excitement. Funnily enough, I think quite a few people gauged my potential excitement quite well as I had 9 emails and messages linking me to the news on various websites, not least this article on DPR.

Art Meets Education – Educating Underprivileged Children Through Photography – an Interview with Nico Klein-Allermann

A little while ago I was contacted on Instagram by an organisation called Art Meets Education. I’m not always the most responsive person when it comes to messages on instagram, but something about this particular account caught my eye. We had a little bit of a chat on the direct message chat on there, and it soon became clear that what his organisation was doing was both something that interested me on a personal level and also something that I would really like to bring a bit of attention to through the blog. We soon agreed to a bit of an email interview. The following is the outcome of that conversation:

The State of the Film Photography Industry at the turn of 2020 – An interview with Charys Schuler, Editor, PhotoKlassik International

I little while ago, I got chatting to Marwan and Charys from SilvergrainClassics, the organisation that publishes Photoklassik International Magazine. After a bit of to and fro, I suggested it might be a nice idea to do a bit of an email interview with Charys about the magazine as well as the wider film photography community and industry. So as we enter into a new decade, I thought it a good time to share that conversation. As Charys talks about, all isn’t perfect in our community or industry, but things are definitely on the up, and there’s a lot to feel very positive about!

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