110 Camera

Minox 110S

Minox 110S Mini-Review of a Clever Cassette Camera – By Bob Janes

The Minox 110s was introduced in 1974. The internet tells me that this camera was not produced by Minox at all, but by Balda in Germany, who also were also involved in manufacture of the 35EL for Minox. The body is made of Makrolon, which is supposed to be very robust, lightweight and with a glass-like transparency(!) In the case of the 110s, the Makrolon is coloured black and is (hopefully) not transparent. It is though, a bit ‘plasticky’.

Hanimex VEF

Hanimex VEF Mini Camera Mini Review – by Tobias Eriksson

My very first own camera was one of those flat fold-out Kodak 110-format Instamatics. I remember making paper copies from 110 negatives with my father’s old enlarger once I’d started with 35mm at age 19 or so. Many years later I exposed a roll of Lomography B&W film in a Minolta 110 Zoom SLR. It wasn’t the revelation I’d imagined. With the subject of this post falling into my lap this spring, I guess it’s time to explore the format a little more.

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