25mm Lens

Nippon Kogaku W-Nikkor.C 2.5cm f/4 LTM

Nikon (Nippon Kogaku) W-Nikkor.C 2.5cm f/4 LTM – Nikon’s Tiny Gems, pt 3 – By Agata Urbaniak

In this last part my mini-series looking at wide angle Nikkor LTM lenses, I’m going to look at the W-Nikkor.C 2.5cm f/4. At first glance the W-Nikkor.C 2.5cm f/4 is a similar story to the 3.5cm f/2.5 and 2.8cm f/3.5. However, I’d consider it the twins’ younger sibling, the capricious baby if you will. Due to its size and construction certain decisions needed to be made that make this lens the quirkiest of the bunch.

Pergear 25mm f/1.8 Review – A Brand New Lens for my Sony for ~£50!

A little while ago Pergear offered to loan me some lenses to review. I declined at the time, but having recently been shooting with an old Sony NEX-5R I bought a as cheapo digital to play with, I figured I might as well try a low-budget lens for it. I took a look at their website and found the Pergear 25mm f/1.8 for $68 USD – that’s less than £50 in today’s money. How bad, or indeed good, could it possibly be?

Voigtlander Snapshot Skopar 25mm LTM on a Leica M2

Voigtlander 25mm Snapshot Skopar Review – by Eddy Lambert

The Voigtlander 25mm Snapshot Skopar is an unusual lens that won’t suit everyone but might be perfect for some. It’s small and light but also quite slow and comes only in Leica thread mount (LTM) without rangefinder coupling. It’s been discontinued for over 10 years but for those who want high quality results at a relatively low cost and with minimum hassle it’s a superb little lens and not too hard to find used. I love mine, especially for travel and landscape shots. Here are some reasons why:

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