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Alfie Cameras Update: Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live at The Photography Show

A very exciting update for Alfie Cameras fans, the Kickstarter campaign for the Tych half-frame camera is launching at the Photography Show today!

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Alfie Cameras, read the previous article published here on 35MMC for an in-depth background. In short, Alfie Cameras is a fresh camera company created by Dave Faulkner who has been working tirelessly to create a brand-new film camera. The camera is half-frame which means it allows photographers to shoot 72 frames on a 36 exposure roll of 35mm film. It features multiple fun lenses, a near silent shutter, auto and manual modes, and a rechargeable USB battery. Dave has developed a beta prototype and has created a tester program for those wishing to take part in trialing the camera and providing feedback.

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