Ampro MC 28mm f/2.8 – A Few Frames with the Worst Lens Ever?

I am a man with many interests and hobbies.  Beyond just collecting and using cameras I also like to repair them.  Sometimes even successfully.

I acquired a Ricoh ZR-20sp for repair.  I am still amidst researching and finding the time to take it apart and fix its ailments. With this purchase came with an excellent Rikenon 50mm f/2.  Affectionally hailed as the Cheap Man’s Summicron.  We will see about testing that one day…  Also with it came a curious off-brand wide-angle prime.  I was excited as I lack wide-angle primes as a whole.  And the 28mm focal length is one often marked as a great over-all companion especially by street photographers.  This focal length would also work as a great ‘normal’ field of view on my Pentax K-7.