Bergger Film

Image of Seoul from above

BERGGER Pancro 400 – Small Scenes Up a Mountain in Seoul

The metropolis of Seoul spills through the valleys of the surrounding mountain peaks. The effect is that of a spider-webbing lake of brick, glass and steel punctuated by dark upward juts of rocky green islands. These dense urban chords are brimming with 10 million people and buzzing with lights and sounds at all hours of …

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Iceland on Mamiya RB67 – by Ľubomír Drápal

Cold mornings. Sunrises. Night Sky. Mountains. Nature. Tired legs. Analog photos. Old cameras. B&W films. The smell of a freshly developed photos. Slide films… This is how I would characterise myself and my photographic work.

My name is Ľubomír Drápal, I´m from Slovakia and I focus mainly on analog photography. Why analog? My fascination with analog photography began as a child, when my father projected old slides on a projector, developed photos from holidays and short trips in the bathroom and then filled a free photo album with them.

Rollei RPX400

A Personal Comparison of “Affordable”, Mid-Speed, Black & White Film Stocks – By Holly Gilman

I’m not trying to rehash content that’s been done to death. I’m not going to tell you which black and white film is the “best”. I’m just going to talk you through 4 film types that I’ve tried in the ISO 400 range, what I’m looking for, and my conclusions.

I absolutely stand by the notion that you cannot Google “what is the best black and white film” because that is a very personal choice. One person may like grain, another a cleaner image. One person may prefer muted greys and another, higher contrast. And all the variation in-between. As we all know, both those indicators are more of a sliding scale than one or the other.

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