Bokeh as the Subject (in Photos and Writing)

One of the things I most enjoy about writing for this website is how much creativity it allows me. I started writing this post before, but ended up getting distracted and writing a much longer article about my relationship with bokeh. Honestly, what sort of a person has a relationship with bokeh anyway?!

The answer to that is someone like me. Someone who spends far too much time thinking (and writing) about photography rather than just doing. Of course, the doing does still happen. And ultimately, it’s going out taking photos that usually inspires me to put my thoughts on paper, so to speak.

Bokeh – Finally Rationalising my Relationship with this Overinflated Element of Photography

I’ve just returned the 100mm Trioplan to Meyer Optik Görlitz having borrowed it for review for quite a long time. I’ve been so busy with reviews lately, that I didn’t spend as much actually shooting it as I’d have liked. Whilst I had it though, it did give me a chance to reflect on my relationship with bokeh, and moreover the comfort I now have with it as part of my photography.

Understanding lens terminology – Part 2 – Bokeh

This post is the second part in a series of posts looking at the definitions of various lens terminology. In the first part I talked about three subjects, contrast, sharpness and flare. In this part I have managed to construct an entire post on a subject that I find myself quite frequently rolling my eyes at, …

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