Bronica ETRsi

Bronica ETRSi

5 Frames with Expired Portra 160 NC 220 in a Bronica ETRSi – By Robert Launder

Sometime around the early 2000s, my grandpa purchased a Bronica ETRSi outfit. As he was already in his early sixties and in poor health, he never had much of a chance to use it. After a few years, he gave the entire outfit to my dad, who primarily stuck to shooting digital. I have been long term borrowing it since January of this year.

5 Frames with the Bronica ETRsi + 500mm f/8 EII – By Wyatt Ryan

For a steal on eBay, I acquired a Bronica ETRsi and 5 different lenses, inside a Pelican case, for just under $400. The 500mm f/8 EII lens takes up a quarter of the space in the case and weighs more than everything else combined. Weighing in an unwieldy 8 pounds, this thing is an incredible pain in the ass to carry around, and I wouldn’t be surprised to have the police called on me for carrying around a gun. It would be a little better handling wise if it had a more substantial tripod mount.

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