Bronica SQ-A

5 frames with Zenza Bronica SQ-A in Northern Zealand, Denmark – By Miłosz Cordes

I was born in January in a small town which back then was still communist Poland. The transition to market economy began a year and a half later. It brought a new opening albeit at a high price: the country was shaken, and many people were left to their own devices, unable to cope with the realities of dashing capitalism.

Although my childhood was happy, I recently realised how much I felt the consequences of this change. Contrary to my peers in the West and in large Polish cities, I did not experience material wealth.

Bronica SQ-A

5 Frames with the Bronica SQ-A, my first (working) medium format camera – By Lukas Walter

When I first got interested in medium format cameras, I spent countless hours, many weeks in fact, thinking about what kind of medium format camera I wanted to get. I initially wanted to dip my feet into the waters with a cheap seagull 203 folding rangefinder, I had great fun with it, but ultimately had to send it back because the focus was way off due to some play in the mechanism.

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