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Peak Design Range Pouch (Small) Review

It’s been a while since I pretty much entirely ditched all other strap and bag brands and fully bought into the Peak Design system. Despite this, whilst looking for a little bag to stow a compact camera or a second rangefinder lens, I didn’t think to check the Peak Design offering. I already own a Field Pouch, and just assumed that was the smallest bag they made. Turns out I was wrong. Browsing the Peak Design website one day for something completely disconnected, I discovered the Range Pouch.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L – News and mini-review

After my recent review of the Peak strap system, I started contemplating a desire for one of their bigger bags. I’ve not had bag GAS before – it turns out I might be a big fan of this Peak Design kit. Anyway, I’d not committed to any particular idea when the PR chap from Peak got in touch to say he’d sent me a bag to play with. Not just any bag though, this was a preproduction sample of their new Everyday Sling 5L – which just so happens to have been launched today! That’s right folks, this isn’t just a bag mini-review, this is news too!

Peak Design Slide Lite, Field Pouch, Leash and Cuff – A System Review

For the last month or so with varying levels of commitment I’ve been using a Peak Designs Field Pouch with (and sometimes without) a Peak Design Slide Lite strap. Latterly, I have also had added into the mix a Peak Design Cuff and Peak Design Leash. When I started this review I found the Peak Design offering of passing intrigue. Now I’ve now finished writing it, I have completely bought into the system. It’s even managed to round off a new positive opinion towards camera bags…

Cosyspeed Camslinger Review – A camera bag that doesn’t annoy me!

Camera bags are annoying. I remain unconvinced that it’s actually possible for any camera bag to come close to ideal for any given person for all or even most shooting circumstances. That aside from the fact that really, they’re all just a means to an end and ultimately I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to suggest that anyone who has to carry one would prefer not to if they could get away with it. For me personally, this is compounded by the fact that I’m a bit of a fussy person – I find things like bags and camera straps a physical annoyance. They always feel like they’re in the way, and I very rarely find them comfortable to wear.

Yet despite me having these opinions and feelings, having used this bag I now concede that some camera bags are probably better than others. As despite initial reservations about this particular bag – I’d say the Cosyspeed Camslinger bag is definitely one that fits into that “better than others” category.

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