Canon 50mm 1.4 ltm

Canon 50mm ƒ/1.4 LTM Lens – A Mini-Review of 1960s Optical Excellence – by Andrew Morang

Long-term 35MMC readers recall that I have used my dad’s Leica IIIC rangefinder camera for decades. He bought it at the Post Exchange in Guam in 1949 and used it for family photos in Asia and Europe. It was equipped with a Leitz Summitar 5 cm ƒ/2.0 collapsible-barrel lens. The Summitar was a remarkable 7-element …

Canon 50mm ƒ/1.4 LTM Lens – A Mini-Review of 1960s Optical Excellence – by Andrew Morang Read More

Kodak 2238

5 Frames with Kodak 2238 in a M4 with a Canon LTM 50/1.4 – By Bill Thoo

I am no Kodak 2238 expert. In fact, I was introduced to Kodak 2238 by Michael Bartosek when I was lucky enough to be included in his project to shoot this film. The Kodak 2238 Project produced a zine, created a Facebook group (Kodak 2238 Project), a spin off group (The Ultra Low ISO Club), a podcast (The Ultra Low ISO Club with Michael Bartosek, Edward Conde, and Jason Konopinski), an instagram (@Ultra.Low.ISO.Club), and an Etsy store (HandRolledFilm). Everything I know about this film has been learnt from these guys, but any factual errors will be my own.

Canon 50mm f/1.4 ltm

Canon 50mm f/1.4 ltm lens Review – An impressive classic gem

The Canon 50mm f/1.4 ltm is a lens that doesn’t seem to quite have the following it deserves – or at least that’s what you’d guess by looking at their used value. I think in reality, it’s possibly overshadowed by the two giants from the same era of Canon lenses: the 50mm f/1.2 and so called “dream lens” 50mm f/0.95. These two super-fast lenses have never really piqued my interest – the 0.95 looks like fun, but it’s also massive, doesn’t come cheap and isn’t exactly an ideal match for a Leica body. The f/1.2 comes cheaper, but for the money, there’s a whole heap of other classic lenses sat on my list that have been of much more interest to me to try first. Actually, the f/1.4 wasn’t really even on my radar until I saw a few images taken with one on Twitter a little while back – as I say, it had just been overshadowed.

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