Canon EF

Canon EF camera with a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 lens

Canon EF Camera review – The F-1’s Little Sibling – By Thomas

The Canon EF is a special film camera. Because of its name, if you type Canon EF in any search bar, you’ll find all the existing Canon EF lenses before you find anything about this camera. However, if you’re a seasoned computer hacker like me and add the terms film camera to the research, you may find some information about this nice piece of camera history.

Canon EF – Shooting in a Castle – By Jordi Fradera

On this occasion it was my friend Josep who lent me his camera that had already been abandoned in a closet for more than twenty years. The first surprise in my hands was to discover a Polaroid film already shot that remained in the style of Egyptian mummies, quietly in its sarcophagus: the Canon EF camera. The film was certainly out of date, but curiosity made me take it to FotoJoma ([email protected]) for its development, the bad news was that the images had disappeared, Joma didn’t charge me for the development but I took the negatives home anyway.

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