Canon Eos 1V and Cinestill 800T

5 Night Photography Frames with a Canon Eos 1V – Cinestill 800T – Marco Manuzzi

I’ve always been a Canon guy, a digital one, and like many of us I’ve collected more than 10 EF lenses for almost every purpose. Since the pandemic breakout in 2020 I’ve started to re-explore the 35mm film world (thanks to a lucky find of a Nikon Coolscan 5000 buried in my basement), my first thought was: “since I own many EF lenses why not use them on a film EOS camera?” The first film camera was an EOS 650, perfectly compatible with all my lenses but with some caveats: 1 AF point, just 2 metering modes, no lcd backlight… you know, coming from a DSLR the drawbacks were a little disappointing.