Canon EOS 3

Canon EOS 3 Review – The Good, The Bad, The Heavy

As with many young New Zealanders, my view on the world beyond our pacific isolation was formed on the images and articles presented in moth-balled National Geographic magazines. Generously saturated pictures of wildlife, political conflicts, and a variety intrepid explorations captured my imagination, inspiring me to seek out my own ‘Walter Mitty’ exploits. Every magazine had me captivated and as excited as I was to be emersed in the gritty and informative stories, I always gravitated toward the ‘you can buy this lifestyle’ advertisements. Sir Peter Blake’s moustache on a monohull brandishing his Omega Seamaster and Luis Mardens moustache diving for artefacts accompanied by his Rolex Sea-dweller. Canon and Nikons finest offerings were usually matched to a perfectly composed photo of the world’s largest, fastest and rarest animals.