Collaborative Projects

“Blur is a Part of Life” – A Collaborative Project

When asked if blur in photographs is undesirable because it obscures what is there, William Klein disagreed: “If you look carefully at life, you see blur. Shake your hand. Blur is a part of life.”

This collaborative project, coordinated through the Photography Books and Theory Facebook group, draws inspiration from Klein’s quote. Nine photographers from various countries contributed a photograph and a short text responding to the theme.

Joris Koolen

The Many Interpretations of one Quote – Photography Theory and Practice

This is the second group project undertaken by the Photography Books and Theory Facebook group, you can see the first one here.

This time, instead of choosing our own quotes to interpret, we all worked to one. The whole group voted for their favourite out of 4 quotes from a range of photographers and once we had a winner, 9 volunteers were set the challenge of choosing one of their own images and writing about how they’ve interpreted the quote. Simple.

Photography Theory and Practice – A Collaborative Project

Do you like reading, and if so, does your reading influence your photography? I recently joined a Facebook group called Photography Books and Theory. Members sometimes post quotes from books and articles, which made me think of doing a collaborative project exploring how books and theory influence how and what we photograph. To that end, I invited group members to contribute a quote, a photograph taken by them, and a short reflection on how the two relate to each other. To keep the length manageable, I limited it to eight contributors (I didn’t contribute anything myself, focusing instead on coordinating the project). This article is the result.

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