15 February, 2024

5 Frames in Greece with the Contax T3

By Chantel Wakefield

First: WOW. What a privilege to even type the title of this one. Me? Jetting off to Greece? For 10 days? With a Contax T3?! Yeah, that happened. I stuffed my essentials in a sin...

17 June, 2015

Contax T3 Review – A regular companion

By Hamish Gill

The Contax T3 is a camera I thought about buying many times before I put my money down. It's the camera I thought about buying after I felt I achieved so much with the Yashica T...

5 June, 2015

A roll of XP2 through the Contax T3

By Hamish Gill

I've been promising a review of the Contax T3 for some time now, it's coming, but progress has been glacially slow. It's not because I don't use the camera, I do, in fact it's a...

16 February, 2015

First Roll with the Contax T3

By Hamish Gill

I feel like I’ve had the Contax T3 for quite a while already. I feel fairly familiar with it, I’m half way through putting together a review of it, yet I’ve on...