Contax T3

The 35mmc (growing) Guide to the 35mm Advanced Compact Camera

I get quite a few emails from people asking me what camera they should buy. Quite often these questions get asked within the sphere of one or another type of camera, and probably the most frequent camera type I get asked about are what I call “Advance Compact Cameras”. To help answer this question I …

The 35mmc (growing) Guide to the 35mm Advanced Compact Camera Read More

Contax T3 Review – A regular companion

The Contax T3 is a camera I thought about buying many times before I put my money down. It’s the camera I thought about buying after I felt I achieved so much with the Yashica T5. It’s the camera that I thought about before I bought the Contax T2, but couldn’t afford. It’s also the camera I’ve been trying to avoid buying through trying to find the perfect inexpensive 35mm lens compact camera.

Contax T3 and Ilford XP2

A roll of XP2 through the Contax T3

I’ve been promising a review of the Contax T3 for some time now, it’s coming, but progress has been glacially slow. It’s not because I don’t use the camera, I do, in fact it’s almost always in my pocket. I just tend to use it more on those occasions when I haven’t got, or can’t be bothered to take any other camera. With my recent spate of Leica experiences, those occasions have been further apart than they might ordinarily be.

I’m sharing these few photo, not in lieu of a Contax T3 review, more in anticipation of one. It will come, I just need to continue to formalise my thoughts… and put a roll of colour film through it.

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