Fed 4

Fed 4 Rangefinder

5 Frames With A Fed 4 Russian Rangefinder – By Julian Higgs

This Fed 4 Rangefinder camera came into and out of my collection almost silently. My wife and I had travelled to Gloucestershire to visit family and took a walk into the lovely town of Nailsworth for lunch and a mooch. There are a number of up-cycle/charity shops there, which have now become places I visit looking for bargain books or camera gear… one day I’ll find that elusive, bargain Leica! 😉

Adjusting the rangefinder of the Fed4 – Guest post by Howard hurd

A fairly common issue on online forums with the Fed rangefinders seems to be rangefinder accuracy. When I first bought my Fed4, the rangefinder patch did not align accurately either at infinity or at closer distances.

Luckily the rangefinder is fairly easy to adjust – although I could only find guidance for other models, so I thought I’d briefly outline the steps I used to adjust the rangefinder on my Fed4.

Fed4 & Industar И-61 lens review – Back in the USSR – by Howard Hurd

Early experiences with Soviet cameras left a lasting impression. I have always wondered what I would think if I used these cameras again today, after more years of experience in using cameras of all types.

Recently I had the chance to find out, as I came across a Fed4 in a local secondhand store at a good price. It was in nice condition, with a clear lens, and in its original brown leather case.

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