Foma Film

Nikon F2 with Fomapan 400

5 frames with Fomapan 400 in a Nikon F2 in Dungeness, Kent – By Nigel Rumsey

Sometimes it can seem that by law, photographers in southeast England, with a few days holiday, have to make a pilgrimage to Dungeness. You’re so likely to bump into another photographer it’s very difficult to make images that feel original and I didn’t achieve that here. However, it’s always worth trying, which is how I found myself in, probably, the most COVID-safe environment in this crowded corner of the country on one of the windiest days in early May. Nevertheless, it was refreshing to have a change of scene.

My Approach to Portrait Photography on Film – By Ken Wagner

It is common today that women are photographed sexy and slightly undressed to attract attention to the subject, photographer or both. There is so much of this sort of photography that it has almost become kind of disposable art, with a viewing time of only 1-3 seconds. In the best-case scenario, the model gets a like, and is then replaced with a new photo on the screen with just one swipe.

Retropan 320 Gravestone

Fomapan Retropan 320 Soft 35mm – In Memoriam – By Yorgo Douramacos

I don’t know exactly when it happened but it seems that Fomapan’s Retropan 320 has been discontinued in its 35mm variety. I hope I am wrong but I can find no store that has it in stock, B&H lists it as discontinued and the Fomapan website no longer lists it among their products. The 120 and large format varieties remain but the 35 seems to have been silently pulled.

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