Fuji GS645

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Fall Leaves with Five Cameras – By Dave Palumbo

Autumn is my favorite season and one of its many charms is the brief couple of weeks where the leaves shift to brilliant golden colors. Unfortunately this is also one of the busiest times of the year for me, so I often completely miss out on going shooting until the branches are mostly bare. This year I was determined to get out as much as possible to enjoy and photograph some Fall foliage.

Fujica GS645 top

Fujica GS645 Professional – A 6×45 Rangefinder Review – By Rob Hawthorn

I bought my Fujica GS645 a couple of years ago, after I decided no medium format SLR or TLR would ever be small or light enough for me to feel like carrying with me day-to-day just in case I saw something worth shooting. I’ve since used it pretty regularly with C-41 and black and white film. I’ve shot mostly portraits, but also general street photography, travel and landscape stuff.

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