Fuji Sensia 100

Canon Sure Shot Supreme

5 frames with a Canon Sure Shot Supreme on Expired Fujichrome Sensia 100 – By Nige Fishwick

Over the past couple of years or so I’ve acquired a smallish stock of expired slide film. Some of it is slightly less expired, dating back to the early 2010s, but I also have a bunch which goes back the better part of another decade.

There are a number of different stocks included: Kodak Ektachrome EPP, Kodak Elite Chrome (in 100 and 200 ASA variants), Fujichrome Velvia 50, and Fujichrome Sensia 100.

39 Slides / A Whole Roll of Fujichrome Sensia 100 (expired 2006) – #FullRollFriday – by Simon King

Slide film is still very much a “special purpose” medium for me, which means my use in general is restricted let alone experimentation with expired options. So far I’ve enjoyed the results offered by “Retrochrome” but this was sourced from a reliable seller, and there is plenty of existing documentation on what that particular cold-stored stock offers.

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