Fujicolor 200

Featured photo of yellow trees in the rain

5 Yashica T4 “Rainy Day” Frames – By Dave Powell

The Yashica T4 point-and-shoot needs no introduction. It– and the T4-Super/T5– are legendary for the “character” of their photos. Several years ago, I found one marked $1 at a yard sale, and couldn’t walk away. I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

Then in September 2017, Kate and I were preparing for our first trip to Iceland. We’d heard that autumns there were normally rainy and cold. So we bought foul-weather gear, and needed to test it.

By fortunate coincidence, two weeks before our departure, cold drenching rains swept across Massachusetts. Perfect for testing waterproof jackets and pants! And while being drenched, I decided to run a test roll of Fujicolor 200 through the T4. Why not?

photograph of an agfa pocket camera laid on top of several packets of 110 film

24 Frames / Whole Roll of 110 Fujicolor in an Agfamatic Pocket Camera on a Countryside walk – By Rock

I haven’t submitted anything for a while: I’m six months into a medical condition that largely effects my upper limbs, in particular so-called ‘clumsy hands’. This has greatly reduced my ability to write and type, and some cameras are just too heavy and fiddly for me now. I haven’t actually dropped any cameras or lenses yet (plenty of cups and dishes, mind!). Anyway, I have had a rethink about how I go about doing my photography.

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