Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000

Fujifilm Zoom Date

Fujifilm Zoom Date siblings: 1000, 1300 and 160S Review – By Ivan B. Palli

The first draft of this review was about the Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000 and the 1300. They’re basically the same camera except for their zoom range. Then, I received a Xmas present in the form of the Zoom Date 160S (after I casually dropped the suggestion to my sister) and it made sense to include it too as, again, all three are mostly the same camera except when it comes to the zoom. So, if you like compact cameras and want to hear about a few of the more compact options out there, get comfy and keep reading.

5 frames with Alfo 100 and the Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000 – by Ivan B. Palli

I don’t use a lot of expired film but, once in a while, I may buy some if I find it interesting and at a good price. This was the case with a roll of colour negative Alfo 100 24 exposures. I’d never heard of this brand before and since it wasn’t even ten years past its expiration date (at the time of buying, sometime in 2017) I thought it was worth a try. I finally decided to shoot it last summer (2018) while living for a while in Italy.

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