Modding a Halina Anastigmat f/3.5 45mm – by Tobias Eriksson

I am rather new to the technical side of photography. That is – the choice of multiple camera bodies, changeable lenses with all kinds of filters and whatnot, tripods, monopods, nanopods, etc. I used to stick to one Pentax P30 with a zoom lens in my twenties, disposable cameras in my thirties and an Olympus XA for the five years leading up to me starting my camera shop on a whim at Etsy. So, the last three years have been a time of discovery: Which cameras to sell with a (nominal) profit; how to purchase them. And how MUCH is out there. 

However. All this discovering combined with how my brain works means trouble. At least for cheap or already broken things. Which is how this little (feuilleton) project came to be.