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Halina 160

Halina 160 – 5 Frames Mini-Review with a Roll of Portra 400 – by James Greenoff

You never forget your first. The Halina 160 was my first camera. It’s just over 30 years since I opened it on Christmas morning and shot my first roll of film. With that camera lost to the sands of time, I recently found a clean one on eBay.

The camera was sold throughout the late 80s as the Halina 160, Miranda FGZ, Haking Quick, Haking CF35, and the Revue 150CF. It has both fixed focus and fixed shutter-speed, and a 33mm f/5.6 lens.

halina panorama

Halina Panorama – full frame “Canny” Shooting

Alan Duncan of Canny Cameras is a man with a sense of humour. I’m sure he must still be chuckling at the moment I agreed to be sent a mystery camera with the promise of sending him a few words about my experience with it. The mystery camera in question was the Halina Panorama… and really, a few words is probably all that’s conceivably possible to write about such a camera.

Halina AF810 Review – a Bloody Awful Camera

I had high hopes for the Halina AF810 – the photos from the recently published post from Miriam showing a few results from a Halina AF700 made me think this thing might churn out a decent photo… Unfortunately, not only does it not take an good photo, but making it take fairly bad one was faff beyond any reason!

Halina AF700 Review – How it saved me from Creative Block – By Miriam Woodburn

The chances are that if you’re a creative individual you’d have come across it at least once. You feel like your work isn’t good enough, you know you need to do more work in order to improve but you’re not feeling inspired, so you force yourself, but then you don’t like what you made, so you feel even less inspired. I found myself in such a spiral recently. I was experiencing creative block.

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