Hamish’s Makina 67 Experiences

Mamiya 7 vs. Makina 67 – Spoiler: the Makina Wins

Last summer I finally bought myself one of my dream cameras, the Plaubel Makina 67. You might be wondering what this fact has to do with the Mamiya 7? Well, it all comes down to a conversation I had with a chap called Anais Faraj after I shared my Makina 67 review. He wanted to loan me Mamiya 7 so I could compare these two medium format giants. Over a year later, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Sharpness? A creative goal, but still not a prerequisite for a good photo, or: why I’m enjoying my Makina 67

I recently wrote a post about sharpness being overrated where I ended up alluding to the question (somewhat rhetorically) of why we as photographers obsess to the degree we do over something that is ultimately so insignificant as sharpness. The answers, I think, are pretty simple… So I thought I would follow up that post talking about and demonstrating where sharpness is part of the creative goals within my photography.

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