5 Frames with a Helios 44-2 with the front element reversed

A couple of years ago I happened to see an image on Twitter that completely stopped me in my tracks. It was a very fortunate sighting as I’m not a big fan of twitter, I am however a big fan of serendipity.

I asked the person who posted this image how it was achieved, and I had a reply immediately. I was told about reversing the front element of a Helios 44-2, and pointing the lens in the right direction. 

A World Within a World, or: A Russian Lens for a Russian Circus – By Robert Poole

Like a lazy stereotype of a vacuous female in a low budget sitcom, I stood in my room changing outfits. Unable to decide, flip flopping back and forth as the partner paces impatiently. I’m torn. What goes best? Is this a good combination? Will it work? What focal length should I take for shooting a circus? Okay, maybe that last question isn’t the typical question one might hear… Unless you are married to a photographer.

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