Holga 120 GFN

5 Frames with a Holga 120 GFN and Ilford Delta 3200 – By Bill Thoo

The amazing detail and quality of a Holga photograph brought me back to film photography. A cousin introduced me to the Lomography movement in 2010 and I shot a dozen rolls with a Holga over that year, but the analogue flame didn’t take, and the prints and negatives languished in a box. It wasn’t till about 2017, when for reasons I can’t explain beyond the zeitgeist, I started scanning the Holga negatives that the beauty of those images struck me. Of course, these were lofi, but yet there was detail and tonality that surprised me. If a toy camera could create such an image, what could I do with a “real” camera? These smouldering embers have since ignited a forceful return to film photography.