Ilford Delta 400

Picture of the GB Kershaw 630 camera

5 Frames with a GB Kershaw 630 from a Car Boot Sale – By Amy Gotto

Not only did I find this GB Kershaw 630 camera at a car boot sale, I found it on the floor. I arrived with the hope of finding someone getting rid of 35mm cameras, not expecting to find a medium format camera that looks suspiciously like an Agfa Isolette. No one else seemed to notice what was innocently resting on the ground, and I lost any hopes of playing it cool by gasping aloud when I saw the GB Kershaw 630. I ended up buying 4 cameras and a yellow filter for £25.

5 frames with a Leica M-A, 35mm Summilux and Ilford Delta 400 – A Walk in the City in Crazy Times – by Marc Wick

In crazy times like now, where Covid 19 has spread all over the world and you do not know what will happen next week, I enjoy every minute outside. Banalities like walking around, eating in a restaurant, meeting friends, traveling have now become very precious moments. At least in many European countries, the mask found its way into our daily life. Also in pedestrian zones, the masks are everywhere.

5 Frames with a Yachica-Mat – by Phil Harrison

I have a personal interest in the Yashica-Mat. Having set off in 1972 to West Bromwich Photographic College with only a Zenith B and realising something better was required, I part-exed the Zenith at a camera shop in Wilmslow for a used Yashica-Mat. They were still in production in 1972. I think the shop was called Laughtons and I believe I was assisted in the purchase by my family. This camera did sterling work at college, then later when working at a hospital, for doctors and nurses weddings.

5 frames with Delta 400 and a circular polarizer – By Jim Sangwine

The only filters I’ve ever used are UV or clear ones to protect my front elements on digital cameras (I know, I know). I was looking at ND filters one day to allow shooting with larger apertures in sunlight and stumbled across an article about circular polarisers. I liked how they remove reflections and add depth to cloudy skies, so I ordered a couple of cheapish Tiffens from Amazon that claim to block a stop and a half of light.

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