Cascais Portugal Yashica Mat 124G

20 April, 2024

Cascais, Portugal, by Day and Night

By Geoff Chaplin

We went to Cascais in part in reaction to having been to Lisbon recently. As a Portuguese acquaintance said to us “Lisbon is no longer Portuguese”, it is now packe...
Contre-Jour Cascais Yashica Mat 124G

6 April, 2024

Shooting Contre-Jour

By Geoff Chaplin

Three months under cloud cover became depressing – we just had to go somewhere to find some sun to shine on our faces, or even hearts maybe. To lift our mood. We took a s...

13 March, 2024

A Roll of Delta 400 and the Walk to ICP

By John Pemberton

Every other year, Jenny and I visit NYC the week of Thanksgiving.  It coincides with the week-long break that the university grants to students and faculty.  The trip ...