ilford pan 400

Voigtlander R3m

5 Frames with a Bessa R3M, Nokton 40mm f/1.4 MC and Ilford PAN400 – By Dmitry Goloub

I returned to film in 2016 when my wife gifted me a Zorki-4 with Jupiter-8 and said that I was shooting better pictures with film cameras years before. This started a tremendous amount of GAS. This started with me exploring the world of old soviet rangefinders such as a Zorki, a FED-2 and Kiev-2. They were cheap, easy to use, and even to repair myself.

Naniwa; A City Without a Face – By Akiti Dezem

This five year analogue photo project started in late 2015. The Japanese name “Naniwa” (なに わ) refers to the old name of the city of Osaka (Japan), where the entire project was carried out. Initially, it was inspired by the words of the Italian writer Italo Calvino: “cities are like dreams, made of desires and fears” – with my eyes through the camera viewfinder, I tried to translate Calvino’s words into images.

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