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NONS SL660 Image in windowlight

NONS SL660 Review – Exploring the World of Instant Film Photography

Instant photography is going strong. It’s no wonder the easy, fast, and deliciously nostalgic way of capturing memories continues to grow as it is the most accessible form of analogue photography. Many instant cameras are simple, automatic, and even kid-friendly.

Press one button and they shell out a piece of film magic. A moment captured and transformed into a tangible mini keepsake. No decisions or know-how necessary. But what if you want more control over your instant images? What if you want to explore techniques like long exposure or using off-camera flash?

Well, this is where NONS Camera has stepped in. The company, from Hong Kong now based in Shenzhen, has created a line of cameras that use Fujifilm’s Instax film but places the control back into the hands of photographers. Featuring manual settings for shutter speed and aperture as well as an interchangeable lens mount, these cameras are instant photography powerhouses.

An Experimental Collage Project with the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic – By Erin O’Leary

I have always been attracted to instant photography ever since my classmate produced a series of Polaroid collages for his senior project back in 2010. I loved his work; however, it was around this time that Polaroid closed the doors to their iconic company and I watched my friends scramble for the last supply of 600 film. It seemed that both Polaroid and instant photography were on the verge of extinction, therefore, investing at the time seemed pointless.  


Lomography Lomograflok Review – By Josh Foster

The announcement of the Lomography Lomograflok some time ago was something that really grabbed my attention – being able to shoot Instax film with my 5×4 camera is just something that appeals to me! The last time I used instant film was some peel-apart and that was about four years ago when I managed to nab some FP100C on eBay. I thought it was expensive even back then, great fun but not an everyday film by any means. Looking at the prices now I just can’t justify buying any, especially with no guarantee of how well it’s been stored and its subsequent results based on that, it just feels too risky.

Title image Mini Evo

Mirror Mirror – The Fuji Instax Mini Evo and its Mirror Filter – By John Sullivan

I have a Polaroid SX70 camera and although it is a wonderful iconic camera, every time I push the button, I’m committed to producing a print. I can’t tell you how many times I knew the print would be a throwaway just after pushing that button! And I had to wait for it.

In February 2022 I got a Fuji Instax Mini Evo – a camera that can take digital pictures and allows me to selectively print the ones I want. Like the ad on TV, it does more. I can move a copy of a print to my iPhone or print off a previously stored photo.


Polaroid Spectra / Frustrating Beauty – By Bill Thoo

If you are an instant photography veteran my revelations may not be for you, but I confess that I am a late comer to instant photography. I never photographed with Polaroid when instant photography was in its prime, even though I photographed on film through the 1980’s through to the early 2000’s. Even when I started shooting a Holga in 2010 I managed to miss the resurrection of Polaroid in the form of the Impossible Project. It was not, in fact, until the end of 2019 that I photographed my first instant photo on Instax.

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